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Unique European Experiences the Slanic Salt Mine,The Muddy Volcanoes

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  • Day Trip
  • Group Tour
  • 24 hr

Enjoy the Holy Water from a very special Spring with magic healing powers as the community of monks and people living in the surrounding villages strongly believe in.The famous icon of "Syriac" Virgin Mary attracts crowds to the Monastery Ghighiu.

Itinerary Details

Departure from Bucharest to Ploiesti.Visit the Ghighiu Monastery,one of the most famous monasteries in Prahova.Learn about the Romanian main religion:Romanian orthodoxism,monastic life in general,the Monastery of Ghighiu in particular.

Second stop will get you to  a unique huge salt mine in Europe-Slanic,where from during the Roman empire time-year 100,exists a salt extraction.Inside its cavity,is a huge space where our hotel's structure easily can fit in.

Contiuneu the trip to the Muddy Vulcanoes,in the north hill of Buzau Country,A multitude of cones of different sizes from solid clay comes into sight.Their craters are full with fluid ceramic mixture which,flat for a moment or two,unexpectedly swallows and pushes the remains of our planet's "primordial soup"Bubbling day and night from immemorial times,releasing the pressure of the oil gas coming from the bowels of earth underneath,the whole area is permanently changing as our world does.